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How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Boots For You

November 16, 2021 | by Devote Digital

If you're thinking of motorcycle riding, motorcycle helmets aren't the only protective accessories to invest in. Your feet and ankles deserve some protection too! Whilst there are many options out there, buying motorcycle boots isn't like just shopping for a new pair of flip flops or sneakers. There are important features that you need to look for to make sure you are fully protected and comfortable throughout the ride. Let's have a look at common factors to consider when selecting motorcycle boots:


Why do you need motorcycle boots?

Motorcycle boots are specifically designed for riding. Compared to normal everyday boots, this type of footwear is built with armour to protect your feet and ankles in case of an accident. If you use normal shoes, it will likely just burn a hole on your sole. Most motorcycle boots nowadays also feature Kevlar fabric, known for its abrasion-resistant properties.


What to look for in motorcycle boots?


Most motorcycle boots are made out of thick leather that provides high abrasion resistance. Some manufacturers nowadays also produce boots integrated with textile materials that offer more than just protection but also breathability. It's a good idea to look for these features when buying your motorcycle boots. You’ll also need some protection from different elements so make sure you can use them in various weather conditions.


The boot should be over your ankle and should be sturdy enough to provide the right amount of support. The most common type of injuries during a crash include break, sprain, and ankle injuries—which is why you need knee-high boots to support your ankles and keep your feet protected.


High-quality motorcycle boots are constructed with double- or triple-stitching so they can still stay intact in a crash. When buying boots, look for boots that have soles sewn instead of just glued. Sewn soles are more sturdy and likely to last longer than glued ones. The sole also needs to have the right amount of grip. 


The type of boot closure to choose from comes down to your personal preference. Although laced closure is easy to remove, it has a tendency to become undone during a ride and could snag on your bike resulting in an accident. Boots with buckles and straps provide a good safety feature. Another common type of boot closure are velcros, these provide a more secure fit compared to the other types. 


Extra protection is always a plus when it comes to choosing the right motorcycle boots. Look for boots that come with built-in armour made from carbon, plastic, or Kevlar. Make sure the armour is placed in high impact areas. Some boots also come with steel plates around the toe area to protect your toes from getting crushed.

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