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How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Helmet

November 16, 2021 | by Devote Digital

Getting a motorcycle helmet is the first thing you do when you're planning to ride a motorcycle. Aside from the most basic purpose of protecting your head from impact, a good motorcycle helmet can also offer more advanced features like Bluetooth communication, internal visors and aerodynamic stability. If you're planning to buy a helmet for the first time or wanting to upgrade the one you have, here are the important things you need to keep in mind when choosing a motorcycle helmet:

What are the different types of motorcycle helmets?

There are six main types of motorcycle helmets: full-face helmet, modular helmet, open face helmet, half-face helmet, off-road helmet, and dual sport helmet.

Full-face helmet

A full-face helmet offers the most coverage for your head. It is considered the safest type of motorcycle helmet on the market. With a full-face motorcycle helmet, it offers excellent protection in case of a crash but can also offer protection against wind and rain while you are riding. A full-face helmet offers the most coverage around your head and different levels of full-face motorcycle helmets can provide varying levels of features like ventilation, comfort, internal visors, removable and washable liners and bluetooth compatibility.

Modular helmet

A modular helmet is designed for those who want a full-face helmet with the feel and option of a open-face helmet. A modular helmet has a hinge system on the chin bar that allows it to be flipped up, or completely behind the helmet to give you the feel of an open-face helmet. A flip-up helmet or modular helmet can offer similar features to that of a full-face helmet including an internal tinted visor for eye protection, excellent ventilation to keep you cool and bluetooth communication capabilities.

Open face helmet

An open face helmet, or 3/4 helmet, covers the top, back, and sides of your head but it leaves the face exposed, this is sometimes prefered by scooter riders or people riding cruisers as an open face helmet provides great airflow and ease of use. An open face helmet does not usually offer the same kind of features a full-face and modular helmet do.

Off-road helmet

Off-road helmets are designed for, as the name suggests, off-road riding and motocross. off-road helmets or dirt bike helmets are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort, airflow and minimum weight. Like all helmets, off-road helmets are designed to offer as many features as possible, these can vary from different materials the helmet is constructed of like carbon fibre, composite kevlar, fibreglass and polycarbonate. Off-road helmets can also offer features like quick release cheek pads and impact protection systems to keep you as safe as possible whilst riding.

Dual-sport helmet

Dual sport helmets combine the features of an off-road helmet and a full-face helmet. Its exterior design is similar to an off-road helmet but with a visor like a full-face helmet. Dual sport helmets can be used both on the road and off-road and work really well for adventure riders. They are designed to work aerodynamically on the road and keep your head stable in the wind.


How to measure for a motorcycle helmet?

Choosing a motorcycle helmet isn't just determining your size and design. A motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of gear you need to protect your head in the event of an impact. If your helmet does not fit right, it may cause discomfort during a ride and may not completely protect your head in a crash. Here's how to measure for a motorcycle helmet:


Step 1: Decide on what type of helmet you will use. Depending on the type of motorcycle you have or terrain you will be riding. Choose from a full-face, modular, open face, off-road, or dual sport helmet. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself first:

  • What will the helmet be used for? Do you plan to ride a lot or commute to work? 
  • Are you riding with a group? Do you need a helmet with built-in communication or bluetooth capability?
  • Will you be dirt riding or racing? 


Step 2: Determine your head shape and size. There are three common head shape categories:

Intermediate Oval - This is the most common head shape that measures slightly longer from front-to-back, than side-to-side. This shape is measured from the forehead to the largest area at the back of the skull.

Long Oval - Similar to intermediate oval, this head shape is longer front-to-back than side-to-side. However, this head shape measures 1/2" or more longer than intermediate oval shapes.

Round Oval - In this head shape, the measurements from front-to-back are closer in proportions to side-to-side measurements. 


Step 3: Try the helmet first. Put it on. It should be slightly tight and the interior should come in contact with most of your head, but not so tight that it causes any pain or pressure points. If it easily fits, however, try on a smaller size. The helmet should sit on the head evenly and the eye-port should offer a good peripheral vision to see side-to-side. One final thing to check is if the helmet is secure enough and won’t come off easily. If it can be rolled off instantly even with the chin strap on, it will most likely come off in a crash.


How to choose the right motorcycle helmet?

Here are some important things to look for when buying a motorcycle helmet:

  • The helmet must comply with the Australian or UNECE22.05 Standard and are marked accordingly.
  • The helmet should provide protection and comfort.
  • The helmet should offer better visibility to other vehicle drivers day and night, consider buying light coloured motorcycle helmets.

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